Programming Languages

Development of entertaining elements is the process for web growth (web programming). Let us take a nearer look at web growth and try to determine.

Web development is achieved with the help of unique application tools and scripts. These application programs are divided into two main types.

Server-side scripts - Server-side scripts are applied on the part of the server, i.e. the PC where the website is located. They are applied before the website Web Pages are packed on the customer's computer.

Client-side scripts - client-side scripts are implemented on the customer's computer after the site has been packed from the server; they do not require extra web page refreshment.

Development ‘Programming languages’ used for writing both kinds of programs is various. Some of these 'languages' are used for development of server-side programs only, others - for composing client-side programs, and many 'languages' allow making both kinds of programs.

To sum everything up we would like to bring up that the greatest aim of web development is to offer the customer with details, make sure its practical and available reflection, keep an eye on its importance and effectiveness.

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